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First birthday sessions are one of my absolute favorites to shoot… especially when it’s cake smashing time!  They do however end up being one of the most involved sessions when it comes to planning on Moms part. I do have headbands, tutus, ties, and hats that we can add in as well, but for the most part Mom is in charge of planning the outfits, cake, balloons, birthday board and the like. My hope is that this page helps a bit, and I’m only a phone call, text, or email away if you need some planning assistance, or have questions! 

First let’s talk about what you’ll need to order ahead, and bring along.

The cake smash cake – The cake size, and colors, and even frosting type are VERY important. A massive cupcake cake works perfectly, not a big cupcake, a cupcake shaped cake (see slideshow) or a small round cake. Little cupcakes, or tiny pre-made Wegmans cakes do not work. We need something big enough to make an impact, and give them time to play in it. Fondant will not work! The babies cannot dig through a hard covered fondant cake. Colored icing works best, and should be coordinated with your cake smash outfit. Avoid candies, dark cake batter, and sprinkles that can cause choking hazards. (inquire about adding a cake to your package, and I’ll take care of coordinating that piece of the session if you prefer!)

Candle or cake topper – Feel free to bring along a candle, or custom cake topper (etsy!) that we can use for the first portion of the cake smash, and remove when things get messy.

Coordinating cake smash outfit –  It’s important to coordinate with me once you’ve chosen your cake smash outfit so I can plan the backdrop set colors, and you can coordinate icing on your cake smash cake.

Outfits – I always plan to use 2-3 including your smash set. Just be sure we have discussed your cake style to coordinate!

Bath Towel – It’s going to get messy. A bath towel works great for clean-up.

Trash bag – To transport messy clothing.

Balloons – These are optional, but highly recommended. You only need a handful 5 in a variety of coordinating colors with your cake smash outfit. If you want them included in the actual cake smash set you’ll want two matching sets of five. This really depends of the look we are going for, I personally prefer a classic smash that lets baby stand out. If your vision is bold and colorful we should discuss exactly what your colors/preferences are so details are all covered.

Always feel free to call/text/email me with questions!