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I know it can be stressful planning outfits, trying to make your little one “practice” their smile (please don’t!), planning around meals & naps. I can’t stress to you enough to just leave the stress at home. We want to focus on the fun exciting part of a photo session, if you and the kiddos are already so stressed from planning, and practicing, we lose the most important part! I want to capture you and your family as the real you, not the uncomfortable, stressed out, pained smile versions of you. While I cannot possibly cover every aspect that you may be worrying about please check over the info below, and of course email/call if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the planning process. I’m here to help!

The first and absolute most important bit of advice I can give you in preparing for your little ones upcoming session is DO NOT for any reason miss nap-time that day if your little one is still napping! Nothing ruins the chances of a smiley, smooth running session more than a tired, sick, cranky little one. Please, please make sure that you schedule their session time around naps!

Secondly, make sure everyone is fed prior to the session. Don’t forget to bring along snacks!!! Consider a treat for the kiddos at the end of your session. Lollipops, a trip to the ice cream store, or their favorite pizza shop are great ways to entice them.

Diapers should be freshly changed at the start of the session.

Everyone should be warm. If we are going to be outside in the chilly months please plan your outfits accordingly. Dress in layers, add a scarf, vest, hat & gloves on super chilly days. Winter outfits are super cute for holiday photos anyway! In addition to that don’t forget tissues. Cold weather = runny noses, and watering eyes.

For outfit planning help, and ideas please contact me.