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Newborn sessions are not your typical session, and proper planning for them can make things run much more smoothly. While I can’t cover 100% of the cases as every baby is different, I hope this list helps you feel more prepared. As always should you have any questions feel free to contact me prior to the session, or bring a list along.

Sessions should be scheduled at least 2-3 months in advance. In busy seasons I book out 3+ months in advance. Waiting until baby is about to arrive takes the chance I will not be able to fit you in. I always recommend checking with me even if you missed pre-booking, I try my best not to turn newborns away because the timing of these sessions is so crucial.

A temporary time-slot will be scheduled at time of booking, your actual appointment will be scheduled when you contact me within 48 hours of babies arrival to confirm the final appointment day/time. Most newborn sessions will be held on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday mornings starting at 11am.

Newborn sessions are best shot within the first 5-14 days of life.

Newborn sessions take place in my Old Forge studio on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday mornings arrival time is 10:30 (unless other plans have been discussed with Jessica) for a final feeding with an 11am start for shooting.

A few things to bring along:
A family heirloom or special item you’d like to incorporate

Extra wipes + diapers

Extra bottle of formula or pumped milk

Pacifier, soothie pacifiers are best as they don’t leave marks in babies face

A few things not  to bring along:
Siblings, or extra family members. Should you want siblings included for a few shots we can add-on some additional time at the beginning or end of the session at a discounted rate, but the studio will be far too warm, and need to be far to calm for older siblings to be included in the entire session.

Outfits for baby, we may have time for one special one, but the majority of this session will be the babies wrapped and posed in natural ways on a variety of blankets and backgrounds. If you like my style of newborn photography then you need not worry about bringing anything along, I have everything we need on hand!

Stress. I know it’s hard not to worry about every little thing when you’ve just brought home your new little angel, but try to leave all the stressing to me, and take a few hours to sit back and relax.

A few things to keep in mind:
Baby should be changed and fed upon arrival at the studio if you’re driving longer than 15-20 minutes. We will chat about your specific morning plan the day we schedule.

This session will be LONG. At least 2 hours, sometimes 4 depending on the babies mood. I will be doing most of the work, baby tends to get fussy if they can smell mom nearby. Mom & Dad are encouraged to sit back, relax and enjoy the experience!

Keep in mind that babies don’t always pose easily, or sleep through the entire session. With each passing day they are more alert, and less likely to sleep through it all. Typically I will have to lull them back to sleep every time I move them to change outfits/props/backdrops. The majority of the time will be spent trying to keep them comfortable and sleepy.

The baby sets the tone of the session. They poop, pee, cry, get hungry, or simply don’t stay sound asleep sometimes. A lot of work goes into getting those dreamy sleepy poses, some sessions take 2 hours, some take 3, or even 4 if baby is fussy or extra hungry! Please don’t worry about it either way, I work on baby time!

It’s going to be HOT in the studio. I suggest dressing in layers. I typically have the temperature set to about 80, and have a space heater running. It’s important to keep your little one warm and comfortable.

What to wear for sibling/parent shots:
Nothing formal, or too textured. These poses will be less formal, and more about capturing the overwhelming love for your new little one. Think simple, and natural.

Shoot for blacks, creams, whites in solid prints to ensure nothing is distracting from your new little bundle in the images. These images will likely be composed close-up so don’t worry too much about what’s on the bottom!

For big sisters we can often wrap them in a similar wrap to baby for sweet close-ups, or a simple neutral top/dress works perfectly.

Big brothers often shirtless with jeans, or a plain neutral top with jeans.

Always feel free to call/text/email me with questions!