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One of the questions I receive most often from clients is “What do we wear?!?” I know it can be un-nerving, and usually the most stressful part of your session. Don’t fret! I can put together an entire Pinterest board, and it’s a great place to start! If you have questions, or ideas you want me to look at text/email me pictures and I would be happy to offer suggestions!

— C O O R D I N A T E —

You want to coordinate your color palette, without getting too matchy-matchy. Everyone in jeans & a white shirt is boring. Think layers, accent pieces, a few coordinated colors with a pop of texture added in!

— S H O W • Y O U R •  S T Y L E  —

Most importantly, be true to your style! You want the images to capture the real you, and your real loved ones.

— C O M F O R T —

You want to be comfortable, and able to move freely. Especially for outdoor sessions. Stiff and scratchy does not make for a comfortable happy session. You want everyone to be able to focus on enjoying the session, not grumpy and tugging on their scratchy-bunched-up new clothes. We may be laying in the grass, climbing hills, climbing trees… Who knows what we will get into!

—  C O L O R S —

Avoid too much green for outdoor sessions, you’ll blend with grassy areas. I also recommend avoiding graphics & logos on clothing. You’ll want to start with a couple of basic colors, and add in a few pieces that coordinate and make it pop.

— A C C E S S O R I Z E —

Accent pieces can really make your choices pop. Think layers, a couple of textured pieces, scarfs, a cute hat or headband, jewelry, and shoes.

— S H O E S —

Shoes matter!!! Leave the beat up sneakers at home please, (unless they are some fun-funky-fashionable ones!) they don’t usually add to the style of the session. Often people get all fancied up for sessions, and forget one of the most important parts, your feet! I love bare feet on babies & littles, but most often Mom/Dad/Teens will have their shoes on. Make sure they are clean, and coordinate with the look you’re going for, & the season.

—  W E A T H E R —

Keep in mind that cold little ones = red snotty faces & grumpy littles. Layer up under your outfits, and have tissues on hand! If it’s wintry/snowy out go ahead and dress for it! Scarves, gloves, hats & nice vests/winter coats DO make for a cute cold weather styled session!

— O U T F I T • C H A N G E S —

Can’t make up your mind? NO PROBLEM! I am 100% ok with you bringing options, because who doesn’t love a little variety?! You can show me what you’ve got and I’ll help you create a look you love! We will most often have time for an outfit change, or two, especially for child sessions.

— N O • N O‘s —

• Don’t put everyone in jeans & a white shirt… or khakis & the same color shirt!

• Avoid large graphics and logos that will distract attention from the subjects.

• No bright white knee high socks, and no sneakers… unless they are fashionable, and simple!

I can't wait to meet you!

Always feel free to call/text/email me with questions!